Low-Cost Counselling

As part of my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree, I will be offering low-cost counselling for a limited period of time through Turning Point Therapy (both online and in-person). My practicum placement with Turning Point Therapy will begin in September 2023.

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For people living with persistent pain…

I am very fortunate to be part of a phenomenal interdisciplinary team at CHANGEpain in Vancouver, BC. We work hard to provide effective and evidence-informed care for people living with persistent pain.

Since the onset of COVD-19, we have been offering a wide range of Group Medical Visit (GMV) programs online. These programs are open to anyone living in B.C. with a valid care card. I am currently teaching three different programs:

1) Empowering You to CHANGEpain

An 8-week program teaching people how to better understand pain and play an active role in their own rehabilitation. This series is a core part of our program, and we strongly recommend that everyone coming through our clinic takes it.

2) 9-week Relaxation series

This program dives deeper into the work of stress management and relaxation training introduced in the Empowering program. We cover a wide range of tools (breathing, meditation, mindfulness, chair yoga, etc.) and look at coming to a calmer state through a holistic lens (emotions, expressive writing, forgiveness, etc.). It’s more than just relaxation practice, but you will find a lot of practice in the sessions.

3) 6-week Self-Compassion series

This program aims to support people in becoming kinder to themselves and in taking action to alleviate their suffering. Through practice, reflection, and processing, each session will explore what it means to meet ourselves with more compassion–in both tender and fierce ways.

4) 4-week Mindful Communication series

Working with a foundation of mindfulness practice to support increased self-awareness, this program will teach practical communication tools, as well as emphasize process-based learning through discussion of challenging relational circumstances often faced by people living with persistent pain. You can expect to learn more about: non-violent communication (NVC), empathy, active listening, emotional intelligence, boundaries, compassion, navigating conflict, and more.

Click to learn more about our GMV programs and how to access them.

Private Coaching

At CHANGEpain, I work to support people playing a more active role in their successful pain management and recovery. If you would one-on-one coaching in this area, I am also available for private coaching at CHANGEpain (online only at this time).



(Current as of February 2023)