This page is a list of the online resources recommended through the Relaxing to CHANGEpain program that I teach at CHANGEpain. Please email me if any of the links are problematic.

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Session 1

Guided Breathing Practice, Oval Breath (5:10)

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Pain Science Catch Up

Understanding Pain in Less than 5 Minutes
Why Things Hurt by Lorimer Moseley
The Pain Revolution with Lorimer Moseley

Additional Recommended Resources

Breathing for Pain Relief, Part 1 and Breathing for Pain Relief, Part 2 (Sarah’s Blog)

What difference does a day make? (Sarah’s Blog)
Train Yourself to Do Yoga Everyday – Advice from a Recovering Binge Yogi (Sarah’s Blog)
Committing to Freedom (Sarah’s Blog)


Session 2

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practice (6:37)

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Additional Recommended Resources

What to be happier? Stay in the moment (10-minute online video)
The Scientific Power of Meditation (3-minute online video)

Meditation/Guided Relaxation Apps

Insight Timer
Mind Shift


Session 3

Guided Body Awareness Exercise (4:03)

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Recovery Strategies: Your Pain Guidebook, by Greg Lehman

Mood Meter App


Session 4

Guided Body Scan (9:34)

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Do Yoga With Me

Practices from
Reclining Flow for Rest
Hatha Yoga on the Ground

Additional Recommended Resources

5 Things I’ve Learned from Restorative Yoga (Sarah’s Blog)
Restorative Yoga for Chronic Pain
23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? (9-minute online video)


Session 5

Guided Mantra Meditation (5:09)

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Thought Records

Exercise Template
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (Sarah’s Blog)

Additional Recommended Resources

Gratitude is NOT an Attitude (Sarah’s Blog)


Session 6

Guided Mindfulness Meditation, inspired by Pema Chödrön (5:21)

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Online Videos

Emotions and the Brain (2-minute video)

Session 7

Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation (11 minutes)

Guided Yoga Nidra Practice (22 minutes)


Cognitive Therapy for Insomnia (1-hr presentation)


Session 8


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