I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with 377 certificate training hours.

Yoga Teacher Training Certificate – 250 Hours
Langara College
Vancouver, BC

Advanced Yoga Training Certificate – 50 Hours
With Yogi Vishvketu
Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram
Rishikesh, India

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate – 30 Hours
With Janice Clarfield
Open Door Yoga
Vancouver, BC

Yoga Anatomy Training – 25 Hours
With Leslie Kaminoff
Vancouver, BC



Introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework
A weekend intensive with Noah Drew


Big Mind Meditation, with Lisa Gibson
Every Wall is a Door, with Susan Van Zaig
The Bhagavad Gita’s Teachings, with Nico Luce
Feet & Ankles Anatomy, with Rachel Scott & Brenda Akerly
Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, with Maurice Gauthier
Vocal Presence, with Noah Drew
Yoga Sutras and Your Asana Class, with Brad Waites
Creative Flow, with Julie Peters
Skeletal Variation, with Elle Basten
Svadhistana Chakra: Special Practice for Women, with Meghan Goodman
Yoga from the Heart: Healing Trauma through Yoga, with Julia Doty & Jes Von Henke

Whistler Yoga Conference
Awakening Inner Power with Pranayama, with Yogi Vishvketu
Yin for Yoga Teachers, with Colleen Felgate
Mantra: The path to healing, light and peace, with Shivani Howe
Chakra Based Sun Salutations, with Anodea Judith
Angels and Arm Balances, with Clara Roberts-Oss
Chakra Shuddhi Meditation, with Shivani Howe
Rhythm and Repetition as Mystical Keys: Classical Kundalini Yoga, with Yogi Vishvketu
Reverent, Relevant and Resonant, with Christine Price Clark


Whistler Yoga Conference
Awakening Inner Power with Pranayama, with Yogi Vishvketu
The Art of Honesty, with Saskia Tait & Shahar Rabi
Jal Neti, with Yogi Vishvketu
Hop, Hip, Holy: Jivamukti Master Class, with Tina James
Inversion Party! Get Down with your Up Side, with Tanya Di Valentino
Chakra Experiences: Tanta, Mantra & Yantra, with Yogi Vishvketu
Whirling Wonders: The Chakras, with Shivani Howe
Aligning and Moving with Heart, with Julia McCabe

Exploring the Pelvis, with Dr. Robin Armstrong
The Art of Sequencing, with Erica Blitz
The Art of Hands On Adjustments, with Rachel Scott
Kids + Yoga = Infinite Possibilities!, with Maalaa
Cueing the Core, with Amari Rabinovitch
Playing with Royalty: Headstand & Shoulderstand, with Andrea Spiegel
How to Teach Beginners, with Rachel Scott
Trust in Your Light, with Chris Chavez
YYoga and The Feldenkrais Method, with Hilary Fuller
Off the Mat and into the World, with Danielle Hoogenboom


Vancouver Yoga Conference
Yogini, with Seane Corn
LifeForce Yoga: Meeting the Rajasic Mood, with Amy Weintraub

Sol Yoga
Uprooting Impressions: Yoga Nidra Workshop, with Swami Muktidharma
Contact Yoga, with Nateshvar Ken Scott