The resources on this page are intended to compliment the Moving to CHANGEpain: Increasing Function course at CHANGEpain.

If you are interested in learning more about prioritizing an increase in function and an improved quality of life in pain treatment and management, you may enjoy listening to this webinar on Functional Measures for Assessing and Managing People with Chronic Pain with Dr. Jane Ballantyne (1hr).

Session 1 – Gathering Data


  • Throughout the course, please keep an Activity & Emotions log. Click here to view a sample template.
  • Identify your priorities for increasing function and improving your quality of life
  • Each week, map out your planned activities for the week to come


You may find it easier to complete your Activity & Emotions log if you develop a richer emotional vocabulary. Here are links to three different lists of emotions that you might find helpful:

An overview of the Spoon Theory – click here to read.

Optional listening – a podcast

World-renowned pain researcher, Lorimer Moseley, discusses the process of slowly changing what the body can tolerate in an effort to increase function. He talks about tools like pacing being the key to facilitating this shift. Click here to listen.

Optional reading – journal articles

The following two links lead to journal articles outlining aspects of the cognition-targeted approach taught in this program.


Session 2 – Finding Baseline


  • Please continue to keep an Activity & Emotions log. Click here to view a sample template.
  • Map out your planned activities for the week to come
  • Refine your SMART goals and integrate them into your planning
  • Practice using your body to change your mood at least 1x per day


SMART Goals:
– It details what you are going to do, how you will do it, where, and when.
Measurable – It’s a goal that you can measure, such as how far or how many, or for how long.
Achievable – It’s a goal that you can realistically meet, one small piece at a time.
Relevant – It’s a goal that you’ve picked and that will feel rewarding and satisfying to you.
Timed-based – It will take place in a specific time frame, such as one week or every day at lunchtime.