A Swimming Fail

Today I set out on a big adventure: taking my one-and-a-half-year-old to the pool by myself.

In the late summer and early fall, I had a habit of taking her to the pool every week, but the routine I had (designed by my inspiringly intrepid friend) involved avoiding the change room by wearing a loose-fitting dress and not getting changed out of my bathing suit until I got home. When the weather got colder, my system failed me.

My daughter is more physically independent now, so I decided that we were ready to try out swimming and getting changed afterward. I’ve been wanting to go again for a while now, and today was the first morning we had the chance to head out to go swimming at Hillcrest Pool.

When we arrived, I was so excited to see so many available parking spots! Parking can be quite a production at this pool. But, as I am looping around to get a great spot, I notice that there is no one in the pool. That doesn’t happen at Hillcrest. Turns out, the pool is closed for the whole month of April.

What to do? I pull out my phone and search for “indoor pools Vancouver”, and the Vancouver Aquatic Centre comes up. It’s 20 minutes away, so off we head.

We get to the second pool of our day, and because it is downtown, it is pay parking. We pay $3.50 for one hour of parking, and head into the pool. Long story short, it turns out that the pool for little kids isn’t open in the morning! We can’t swim again!

Since we’ve paid for parking, we spend a bit of time watching people swim in the big pool. We check out the kids’ pool and decide that it would be fun to come back to go swimming. My daughter works on her walking-up-and-down-stairs skills in the bleachers. And then we head home for lunch.

There is a story that our morning was a bit of a failure. We didn’t go swimming. We mostly drove around. And I paid for parking unnecessarily.

But my daughter’s story goes something like this:

“Big pool!”
“Little pool!”
“Little pool fun!”

She went on like this during the drive home and through lunch. If you had no idea what happened this morning, you would have thought she had the most amazing swimming adventure of her life!

Listening to her was such a powerful reminder of how much more joy there is in life when we have less attachment to how it is unfolding.