Stress Load Reflection

I was recently prompted to work through an exercise called a Stress Load Reflection.

I don’t think of myself as particularly stressed. I don’t tend to ruminate on things (Thank you, meditation practice!). If someone were to ask me my day-to-day stress level, I would say low. And, on top of that, I still do things every day to reduce stress (asana, breath work, etc.).

So, I was shocked by how much I had to write about in this exercise. It was a great practice of svadhyaya (self-study).

If you are interested, I have outlined it below.

Stress Load Reflection

Take some time to reflect upon your personal stress load. For each of the sections below, write down anything that comes up for you.

1. Stress or anxiety about work

2. Stress or anxiety about your relationship or lack thereof

3. Stress or anxiety about other people

4. Stress or anxiety about the world in general – or specific aspects

5. Stress or anxiety about your health

6. Other sources of stress or anxiety

If you tried this exercise and found it helpful, please comment below and let me know.


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