In addition to teaching yoga, I work part-time with the public library – and read most of the yoga books that cross my path! I’ve put together a compilation of recommended reads on yoga and other related subjects. I’ve also included a few recommended yoga DVDs and CDs.

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Guided Practices  – Recorded Tracks

Pranayama (Breath work)
Sarah Jamieson Yoga – Breath Awareness (6:30)

Sarah Jamieson Yoga – Guided Relaxation (7:40)

Sarah Jamieson Yoga – Heart Meditation (5:20)
Sarah Jamieson Yoga – Loving Kindness Meditation (11:13)


Stress Load Reflection – This exercise will guide you to thoughtfully reflect on the sources of stress in your life.

Thought Record – A cognitive restructuring tool that will help you to identify and breakdown maladaptive or distorted thoughts.

Body Map


Yoga for Chronic Pain – A great explanation of the role the brain plays in our experience of pain and how Restorative Yoga can help.

Online Resources

Yoga for People in Pain Webinar Series with Neil Pearson

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