I am very fortunate to be part of a phenomenal interdisciplinary team at CHANGEpain in Vancouver, BC. We work hard to provide effective and evidence-informed care for people living with persistent pain.

Empowering You to CHANGEpain

At CHANGE pain, I facilitate our 8-week group program Empowering You to CHANGEpain. My colleague Krista Friesen and I developed this program and it is part of our clinic’s core Medical Services program. You need a referral to CHANGEpain to access this program.

Relaxing to CHANGEpain

I also run an 8-week Relaxing to CHANGEpain program through our Integrative Pain Services. This program is private pay and available without a referral. I will offer it again in the fall. If you would like to be contacted about signing up when the dates are set, please email reception@changepain.ca and ask to be put on the wait list for Relaxing to CHANGEpain.

Private Coaching

At CHANGEpain, I work to support people playing a more active role in their successful pain management and recovery. If you would one-on-one coaching in this area, I am also available for private coaching at CHANGEpain (in-person and online). Click here to book online.

I also do private pain management coaching over Skype. Email me at yoga@sarahjamieson.ca to inquire about coaching.

(Current as of June 2018)